Friday morning

Good morning all, yes it is the crack of dawn again but I did fall asleep very early last night as I was feeling very tired.  It really was a very cold day  but some how with the bright sun shine it doesn't matter.  According to our weather forecast we will be looking at 18 degrees again in a few days.  So probably just as well that I haven't completely finished putting away my summer clothes.  

We spent the whole day waiting for a phone call to book an appointment for the patio door repair but none came, isn't that frustrating!!!  Today they will be getting a call from me to light a fire under them.  We have also organised a roofer to come and put some chicken wire under the edges of our solar panels so that the pigeons will kept out.  This will save me the job of shooting them and with any luck they will go else where and make their mess.  It will also be an opportunity to clear out the guttering which is now growing plants that the birds have planted by dropping seeds.  

OK now a bit of politics, Libya is now a free of their tyrant at last and while I don't condone killing anyone it seems to me that a long drawn out trial would not have served them well.   At least they can get on with the job of rebuilding their country which is going to be a herculean task in itself and fraught with problems.  I wish them all the luck and hope they can manage it without further bloodshed though I am sure with such a heavily armed population there will be a few scores yet to be settled.

As yet I am unsure when or if my visitors are coming so by way of a contingency plan I have made a lemon drizzle cake which can be on stand by and can double as dessert with a blob of cream or just as cake for tea time.  The house is tolerably clean so all I really need to do is change the bedding and spruce up the bed room.  

When I took the dogs our for their walk yesterday I decide to try having a bit of a training session with Basso but he was definitely not in the mood to play with silly dummies so that was soon abandoned.  He makes a clear distinction between work and play and yesterday was for play with lots of running and sniffing.  It is also very difficult to do any work with him when his two terrier companions are with him.  I am pleased that Tuc's dew claw injury has healed with no problems and my policy of leaving it alone seems to have been the right thing to do.  

I made some roasted butter nut squash soup for supper and just put the butter nut in the halogen oven for about 10 minutes before scooping out the soft flesh and adding it to some chicken stock.  It was surprisingly tasty.  I also had a try of my fig experiment which I am delighted to say has worked really well.  Next year I will pick the immature figs when they are smaller and simmer them in the wine and rum syrup before bottling.  I have always grieved over the second crop of figs which I know will never ripen and in the end I have to pick them all off the tree.  Now I have something I can do with them which makes me feel better.  Talking of which you will note that I have not complained about my back recently.  At the moment it seems to be quiet and I am pain free.  Whether this is due to the new mattress topper or just coincidental I don't know but I really don't care I am just glad to be out of pain. 

And on that note I wish you all a good day and lets hope the temperature rises just a bit....

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