Friday morning

Picture of new table with the additional leaves which make the table long enough to seat 10 at a squeeze and 8 comfortably.  Without the leaves it is ideal for Mike and I and two guests which is the usual number these days.  It is made of a sustainable hard wood from India and has a very colourful grain pattern which is rather nice.

Yesterday morning I went with my Japanese friend to choose some yarn to make two more scarves which she would like to take to her mother and sister in Japan.  The colours have not come out well in artificial light it is actually a deep violet and a very blue red.  However, you get the general idea and I have a month in which to complete them.  That done we were off out to lunch which proved quite difficult.  First we took the dogs for a walk in some lovely woods and they had a grand time but once we hit the restaurant I was in quite a dilemma as to what to have to keep as close to the diet as possible.  I settled on broccoli and Stilton soup which was served with a hot bread roll and butter.  Then I had the home made burger salad and chips.  With the burger bun and bread roll I made a chip butty for the dogs and only ate the soup, the burger and a single leaf of lettuce which constituted the salad.  I did eat a few of the chips because there is only so much flesh and blood can resist!!!!   Then it was home for a snooze as I have been getting progressively tired over the week with all my early starts.

Today I need to go and do a bit of shopping as we are expecting James for supper and he is not on the diet so he will expect something a bit more substantial.  I will also need to make him something for his packed lunch tomorrow when we go to the shoot - mine is easy - just two hard boiled eggs and two tomatoes and a galette, half for breakfast and half for lunch.  Then when we come home shattered we will have a chicken kebab and salad from the new shop which will save me cooking.  I have visitors for lunch on Monday so that too will need some thinking about.

If I have time over the weekend I would like to move the hens to their winter quarters which will leave their run free over the cold wet months to be cleaned by the weather and a little work form me.  This is where the pressure washer comes in very handy.  Once the ground has been raked over I will sprinkle it with some of the wheat which they don't seem to like and hope it germinates which will give them some nice spring greens when they finally move back. 

Well that's about it for today I have heard nothing from my son who is in Thailand so I don't know if he is having to swim to work!!!  Boys what would you do with them!!!!

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