Friday morning

Yesterday was a protein only day so I thought I would take some photos of what was on offer chez nous

The starter for lunch was six oysters the opening of which burnt many more calories than they contained.

This was followed by a home made beef burger, very lean wrapped in half a galette.  For desert it was a sugar free jelly with a blob of 0% Greek yoghurt.

Now on to dinner which started with pastrami and cornichons followed by casseroled pheasant legs with the other half of the galette and finishing off with a fat free strawberry yoghurt.

After my walk with the dogs I swung by the butcher and he was busy making venison sausages and donated the bones for my stock pot.  They were put straight in the oven and given a good roasting for flavour before being boiled with the usual suspects of carrot onion and celery.  Today I will strain it all off and pick over the bones for meat for the dogs.  I am also experimenting with some of the immature figs from the tree which have been boiled in a syrup made of white wine, rum and sugar I don't know if the results will be edible but we shall see.

Oh and just in case you think my luck is changing for the better the car was broken into during the night and the sat nav stolen.  Happy days!!!!!  But at least the boy is OK and has had his surgery with no complications.  Surely next week must be better!!!!

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