Wednesday and bin day

Yesterday was busy one but everything got done including the laundry which is now awaiting ironing.  The weather held just long enough for me to get it all dry before we had the first of several down pours.  Mark arrived bright and early and bearing gifts he had purchased for us in Italy.  A kilo of Parmesan cheese half a case of Motepulciano wine and a bottle of olive oil newly pressed.  The the best news of the lot it looks like James will be going back to work on Thursday but first we have to get a certificate from the doctor saying that he is fit for full duties.  That is easier said than done as getting an appointment to see the doctor is all but impossible so we will start our attempt to get through at 8.30 this morning unfortunately when we got through yesterday they refused to book an appointment for today so we have to go through the whole saga yet again.
Anyway once we have the bit of paper we can pack his stuff and get him back up to London.  Needless to say I have had to cancel shooting as there is no way I can fit it in with all the other stuff.  I did go ahead and order the mattress topper for the king size bed but with no James here I am not sure I will be able to get the thing up the stairs as they are quite heavy.
For lunch I made some polenta from scratch with lashings of butter and cheese and served it with a sauce of mushrooms bacon and cream.  The game pie that I had intended for lunch today was eaten for supper last night and very nice it was too the recipe included some orange juice and zest and what a very pleasant flavour it made.  I got the recipe from the internet so now I will have to have a trawl around and see if I can find it to copy as it is very successful.
Today I am going to do a seafood risotto for lunch which is a favourite with us all.  Then I will drive up to London later in the evening and hopefully against the traffic.
However, before any of this I need to get the ironing done and out of the way so I can face the day with a clear conscience......

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