Wednesday morning

Feral pigeon perched on fence post
One on its own not a problem but when they congregate in dozens then the mess is significant.  Today my roof is going to become a no go area for them and hopefully it will keep them away for a while.  

Yesterday Mark came and made some real in roads into clearing the garden and cutting back the shrubs which have gone a bit mad with the sun and rain regimen,  I didn't have too much time to spend with him as we were due to go out but I did manage to plant up a tub with lots of bulbs which should make a good display in the spring.  

When we arrived at our friends house the ladies decided to walk the dogs while leaving the men behind to prepare vegetables for lunch.  They have some very nice woodland with nice open glades of grass so that made a nice change and the dogs love a new place with different smells.  Basso was in hunting mode and was working the ground very methodically when suddenly he came on point and froze.  I commented that he must have a bird and sure enough there was a flutter of wings and he pounced on a pigeon.  I called him to bring it to me which he did where I discovered that it must have been mauled by a cat or other predator so I dispatched it quickly.  I think Margaret was quite impressed with his skills as a hunting point and retrieve dog.  I had thrown the dead bird deep into the woodland so on the return journey I had to keep him on the lead as I am sure he would have found it and brought it back to me again.  

Lunch fitted well with our diet and we started with smoked mackerel followed by chicken breast with runner beans carrots peas and potatoes.  I passed on the peas and potatoes and even took the skin off the chicken, what a shame!!! anyway I felt virtuous.  Desert was strawberries and ice cream which I also declined, this was no hardship as I don't like ice-cream the only place I ever eat it is in Italy.  Then it was home for a rest but not before I had sorted out a load of washing which is still on the line!!!  Jane is coming today so I will be doing a load of whites after her visit and with all this gorgeous weather it will dry in no time.  For dinner we had one of the burgers I had made with a mixed salad dressed with balsamic and no oil.  The burger was delicious and the blitzed galette did its stuff keeping it lovely and moist.  Today is a no veg day so we will be having a nice sirloin steak for lunch and some salmon for supper.  My weight is stationary at the moment but that is better than putting weight on so I am hopeful that it will drop a bit soon.  

As I have all the ingredients in house this morning I am going to make some Asian chilli jam and get that jarred up ready as gifts for the people who like hot stuff.  I am also going to make some vegetable soup which can be used on the veg days as a starter.  I must admit that this diet is quite labour intensive and I would hate to attempt it if I were working unless I had a personal chef!!!!
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