Wednesday morning

I must remember the bins this morning.  Today is recycling and general rubbish but the wind was so strong yesterday there was no chance of putting anything out.  It was such a foul day that Mark didn't come which was good because he will come next week which puts him back in sync with the green bin recycling day.  Jane came and so the house is nice and tidy and ready for Mary who is arriving tomorrow.  I shot out to the fish monger and restocked with some undyed smoked haddock ready to make a kedgeree.  I also bought a bag of scallops and two kilo bags of mixed sea food which is really useful for pasta and rice dishes.  Then it was down to the butcher and I bought a large chicken and some mince.  I thought we could have a nice roast chicken dinner on Saturday as Mary is leaving after breakfast on Sunday morning and having lunch with her relatives in Ascot on her way home to Bath.  Shopping done it was down to the estuary for a walk the wind was blowing and the rain was falling, but not too heavily, so I braced myself and headed off.  I actually like walking in these conditions it really blows the cobwebs out.  The path was purple with fallen damsons and I munched on the blackberries as I passed by.  The dogs went muddy puddling in the water and got absolutely filthy but as soon as they dry off the dirt seems to just fall from their coats.  I wish my clothes were self cleaning!!!  The ironing got done and after lunch I took myself off to bed for a rest and watch some recorded TV that I had slept through the night before.

Today I need to go to Tesco and sock up bits and pieces I always buy Mary some marmalade with no bits in it for her breakfast and make sure I have plenty of tea as she needs to rehydrate and bump up her potassium levels first thing with copious cups of tea.  Shiona is coming on Friday for lunch so I thought I would do the kedgeree for lunch.  Then I thought I would lay in cold meats and cheese for those in between snack type meals. My veg box arrived yesterday and I have a big bunch of beetroots which I don't really know what to do with, it is not my favourite vegetable so I either boil or roast them which is not very imaginative.  I can't say that I am fond of borscht so that is not an option.  Chocolate cake is another idea but it only take a small amount of beetroot.  I wonder if the chickens might like the excess!!!

The wind and rain have died away this morning but the garden is littered with fallen leaves from the battered plants which makes it look very autumnal.  I must admit that I get a certain warm glow at the idea of battening down the hatches for the impending winter...................
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