Wednesday and bin day

Well the weight continues to fall they say that during this phase weight loss is dramatic and they are not wrong I have lost a very nearly 5lbs and I must admit I have never been hungry.  Yesterday we had roast sirloin for lunch and a slab of the cold beef for supper.  Today I am due to go shooting so I am hoping that the rain will stop by the time we are ready to go.  The weather forecast says it will dry up around lunch time so lets hope they have got it right.  I cut three steaks from the sirloin so lunch today will be that and I will do some wedges for Jeff.  We are also out of the custard deserts and Mike liked the chocolate ones best so I am going to make a batch first thing.

I rang the physio department and discovered that I am on the 23 week waiting list.  I make that almost 6 months, well I have been struggling to think of a muscular condition that would not have spontaneously resolved in that length of time.  So today I will ring them and tell them to take me off the list and I will make an appointment to see a chiropractor or osteopath if I feel it necessary.  And you wonder why I don't bother with the doctor!!!!!!  I will dose myself up prior to shooting and see how I get on...

Sandi's poor husband has been given his date for his operation and has to be at Kings in London by 7am they are truly crazy there are no trains at that time of the morning so we will run him up there but will have to leave our house by 5.30am which means that they will have to leave Faversham at 4.45am. There seems to be no comprehension of the distances that people have to travel and if you are unfortunate enough to be stuck with public transport you are scuppered.  Fortunately we can bunk at James' flat while she sees him in and settled.  Back in my day patients were always admitted the day before surgery unless they were to be a day case.  I'm sure this system is cheaper but certainly not better.

Well that's my moan for the morning - now on a more positive note I need to get going and get the ironing out of the way and then get on with making my chocolate custards.  Then collect the dog poo and get the bins out oh joy unbounded!!!!!!  Thank goodness I have shooting to look forward to!!!!!

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