Tuesday morning

You have seen this scene many times before but always with the tide out, this time I was there at high tide and what a different scene it looks.  I also took this photo with my mobile phone as I didn't have my camera with me.  The dogs had a grand time swimming and fooling around in the water.  Basso still hasn't plucked up the courage to actually swim but gets as deep as he can with his feet still on the ground.  I believe we have the second highest tide after Bristol with a rise of some 6 meters or 18 feet.  I still can't visualise meters but understand feet and inches.

Why a picture of the roof you may ask but it is just showing that after my shooting session all the pigeons have now deserted.  I counted some 13 pigeons on the roof so that was the limit out came the air rifle and and I shot two.  Which Basso kindly retrieved for me. The remainder decided it was better to sit somewhere else.  However, I don't think it will be long before they are back and will have to have a concerted effort to annihilate a few more before they get the message that they are not welcome.

Now on to the inevitable food saga - for lunch yesterday I made a sort of shellfish stew with a tin of tomatoes a clove of garlic and some mixed frozen shellfish.  It was very tasty but mostly because I added a small tub of shellfish reduction that I made some time ago and froze.  I keep things like crab and prawn shells until I have enough to make a good stock and then reduce it down to almost nothing and freeze. Giving the shells a good roast first makes the flavour much more intense and it does add the most wonderful flavour to any shellfish dish.  For dinner I shredded some leeks very finely and added them to some chicken stock then added diced chicken breast which only boiled for moments - it made a passable meal and all within budget so to speak.  Desert was some fat free yoghurt jazzed up with some lemon zest and a spoon of canderel.  Today should be a protein only day but we are going to lunch with Len and Margaret and she is cooking so I have asked for just meat or fish and vegetable or salad.  A pure protein meal is quite a daunting task for the cook!!!!  For dinner I have made some meat balls using a minced up galette in lieu of bread crumbs and some chopped onion.  The mince was extremely lean so needed something to keep it moist -  they don't look too bad so lets hope the taste OK. 

Shooting on Wednesday has been cancelled as Jeff has an appointment at the eye hospital for a regular check up and I am not sure I want to go on my own however we will have to see how I feel on the day.  Today Mark the gardener is coming and I have lots to keep us both occupied.  The wonderful Jane will not be coming until tomorrow as she has an appointment at the hospital today.  Mike's shoulder is making good progress and he is religiously using the TENS machine three times a day.  He certainly has a much greater range of movement and is not in anywhere near the same amount of pain.  I don't want to tempt the gods but my back is quiet at the moment but we will have to see how it survives after a day out at the shoot on Saturday.  My usual packed lunch of a couple of rounds of egg and tomato will have to be adapted and I intend to use galette instead of bread  and forgo the olive oil or mayonnaise and see how that works.  In all honesty I have not missed the carbs as much as I thought I would but the no fat bit is difficult....

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