Tuesday morning

When the tide is out it looks like the dark side of the moon 

Well day one of the diet completed and a pound and a half vanished from the scales - yes I know it is probably water but it is pleasing none the less and I am quite happy to delude myself.  As you will note it is stupid o'clock and I am wide awake.  So yesterdays menu was the galette and smoked salmon for breakfast, for lunch we had a hard boiled egg with Dukan mayonnaise followed by a piece of haddock with some crayfish in a herb sauce and for desert a chocolate custard.  Dinner was crab sticks with mayonnaise followed by chicken thighs cooked with Dijon mustard and for desert a coffee custard.  The idea of having three courses to each meal while labour intensive does mean that a little food actually goes a long way and keeps your interest.  I had the regulation walk and consumed plenty of water so so far so good.

Today the wonderful Jane is due to come and spruce up the house and I will be cooking a nice piece of sirloin which we will have hot for lunch and cold for dinner.  I have 2 vanilla custards left so that will make one desert and the second will be lemon zest flavoured yoghurt all sweetened with aspartame which works well and leaves no nasty after taste.  For starters I think we will have some smoked salmon stuffed eggs for lunch and for dinner some peppered chicken pieces.  The regulation galette this morning will sport a piece of nice lean ham.  I may even keep half the galette to mop up the juices of the sirloin at lunch.  I must admit it is difficult to manage without vegetables which are for me an integral part of any meal.  Never mind next week we will be able to have these on alternate days.

Now enough about the diet I am almost finished my third scarf and while it is nice that they grow so quickly it does mean that I am motoring through yarn at an alarming rate.  However the scarves work out at about £5 each which is not bad really.  I am using a nice white yarn with a silver stripe running through it which is looking quite tasteful.  

My next move is to photograph my generation meter and prepare a letter for the feed in tariff people so that they can get on and send me some money!!!!! and  by my calculation that should be in excess of £400 which should pay for all the knitting yarn not to mention the high value diet!!!

By the way just, as a matter of interest, I have still heard nothing from the physiotherapist and we are now approaching 6 weeks so I think they may well get a phone call to see if there is any danger of an appointment in the near future!!!  My back is still playing up and I am trying to avoid taking analgesics where possible but I do need them if I have a busy day on my feet.  I can just about manage the 20 minute walk unaided but am in considerable pain at the end of it and very grateful of the ride home in the car.

I am off to make galettes now have a good day all ........

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