Tuesday morning

Yesterday was pretty stormy in the morning and wind continued for most of the day however the rain had stopped by about lunch time.

We set off to buy coffee which requires a run all the way to Faversham but it is worth the trip as the coffee is wonderful.  While we were in the food emporium we also bought some lovely Parma ham  and a couple of scotch eggs for lunch.  We then called in to see Sandi as it was on our way home.  After a cup of coffee we decided to take the dogs for a walk and took my three and just one of hers.  It was a great opportunity to give Basso a bit of training and we spent some time getting him to stop on the stop whistle which was great it is one of those things that is so much easier to train with two people.  Then it was home via the feed chandler and stacking of the car with chicken food and a couple of sacks of dog food.  Finally we arrived back for a late lunch.  The only trouble with shopping is that you have to put it all away when you get back.  I must admit that we did leave the sacks of feed in the car and those will be dealt with today.

It is still breezy today but nothing like yesterday and at least it is dry so Mark will be able to get the garden knocked into shape quite quickly.  Jane is also due so the house will get a spruce up and I will be able to get the washing on and hopefully dry.  So I guess it is an industrious day today.

Continuing the mattress saga I took the foam out of the duvet cover and put it directly on top of the existing mattress and it hasn't budged a millimetre over night.  It has a sort of sticky quality to it and even the sheet doesn't move.  So all in all, successful and my back is definitely better for it....  I must admit I am now thinking of getting one for the king sized bed as I am sure Mike would also appreciate the comfort it affords.

Anyway it is time I got going with my list of chores and refilled my mug of coffee.......

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