Tuesday morning

Yesterday was the day from hell for poor Sandi and David they arrived at our house about 7am and off we set well once we hit the traffic on Black Heath we were nose to tail all the way and it took us the full two hours to get them to Kings.  We then doubled back and went to stay a James flat but after parking the car we first went hand had a breakfast in the cafe opposite.  Just as well that we did as the lunch we had planned to have on the way back was not to happen.  Sandi and David had been warned that it might take 2-3 hours for this pre-op assessment but as it turned out it took longer than the operation will and it was 7 hours later that we got the call to fetch them from the hospital.  The most annoying thing was that 90% of what was done could have been done at the local hospital, simple things like chest xray, blood pressure and blood tests.  Fortunately they did grab a sandwich and coffee between tests but by the time we picked them up they were both exhausted and thoroughly fed up.  The drive home took just over the hour which is what we would expect and they just jumped into their car and drove for home.  I had managed to occupy myself and did a bit of cleaning and helped James with his laundry.  Mike had crashed out and slept in James bed for a couple of hours but I was on my knees by the time we reached home so it was a take away curry for supper which was not very nice and most of it is in the dogs bowls for their breakfast this morning.  The whole reason for us driving up was to show Sandi the way so that she would feel confident to drive up and collect David from hospital once he has had his surgery.  This we did accomplish so the whole day was not a total write off.

Today the weather forecast is for the first big storm of the autumn with strong winds and lashing rain and guess who is due?  Yes you've got it Mark the gardener.  At the moment it is blowing but there is no rain yet so as soon as it is light I am off to have a dog poo clearing session.  The hens will also need some attention as they were abandoned yesterday and not even the eggs were collected.  The wonderful Jane is also due and I need to get the house spruced up a bit ready for visitors and there is a mountain of ironing waiting for me so I guess I am going to have a busy day today.  Tomorrows shooting has been cancelled as Jeff is having his new boiler installed and I need a day in the kitchen to get a few bits prepared.  Oh dear I spoke too soon it has just started to rain, I guess I am going to get wet as well........
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