Thursday morning

Sorry if any of you have arachnophobia but my garden is filled with spiders at the moment and I sat and watched this one construct it's web in a matter of minutes.  It is quite amazing how they get it so precise without any measuring equipment!!!

My purge on the pigeons was not very successful as they now fly off as soon as they see me so perhaps a life sized cardboard cut out stood in the garden might see them off.  Mike counted 18 on the roof in the afternoon sun shine.  So I think I will have to be a bit sneaky and lay in wait for them....

I had a bit of a cleaning bug day yesterday after making the chilli jam I decided that my cupboard which contains the rubbish and recycle bins needed a good clean out so it got stripped completely and was scrubbed from top to bottom.  It is quite satisfying as it was so dirty the improvement is dramatic.  So while I had the cleaning bug I ordered a steam cleaner which I have been researching for a while.  I ordered from John Lewis and it will arrive today so our intended outing has been put on hold while we wait for delivery.  In the mean time I am looking at all the many areas I can use it to clean.

We had a boiling hot, very sunny day yesterday and it is set to be the same over the weekend which I must admit is somewhat worrying me.   I will have to make sure that I take a towel and water to cool the dog down if he gets over heated.  It is not just the weather that will cause overheating but also excitement so I need a towel to throw over him then pour lots of water over that and hope that the evaporation will cool him down.  They do actually make jackets to cool dogs down but they cost a fortune and basically do the same thing.  I have deliberately left his coat thick ready for winter work so the poor thing will have to wear it even in the heat.

Today is a vegetable day so I have made a large pot of mixed veg soup which we can have as a starter for both lunch and supper.  The burgers I made were so delicious that they are on the menu for today and I can see that I will have to make some more for the freezer if they are this popular.  With our steak yesterday I made a sort of mock B√©arnaise sauce with an egg yolk some tarragon a little Dijon mustard and some Greek yoghurt which worked extremely well the flavour was right but the consistency was too runny.  Then for dinner I changed my mind on the salmon and went for a couple of trout fillets instead.

I am intending to start swimming again soon but first I have to wait for my Medway citizen card to arrive - I applied on line so hopefully it will not be too long in coming.  In the mean time I can reinstitute my swimming bag with all the necessary gear.  I know the dogs will be pleased as I take them with me and walk them round the park first then go and have a swim at 7.30 then home for breakfast....

First job this morning is the ironing while it is still cool .......Enjoy the Indian summer and lets hope it is not going to be too hard a winter.

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