Thursday morning

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous it was sunny but not too windy and ideal walking weather so James and I got the dogs walked first thing which was very pleasant. We also managed to fix the pond pump which had blown off one of the hoses.   He got all his certificates from the doctor and then packed all his bits and pieces up and we drove him up to London immediately after lunch.  He is now ensconced back in his flat which he has cleaned from top to bottom and is very happy to be going back to work.  I will really miss him as he has been a real help to me and great company.

Today I have a bit of excitement as I am having the new Virgin Tivo type box delivered and fitted and my plus box is going into Mikes room so we will both have the capacity to record TV programs.  I find this very useful as the programs I want to watch are often on late and I fall asleep part way through which is very frustrating.  However if they are on record then I miss nothing and it also means I can cut out the advertising from commercial channels.  At three pounds a month I think it is worth it!!!  Anyway I will let you know how I get on with it and if it has proved a good investment.

I put an order into Lakeland for some labels and bits and bobs I had run out of so while I was at it I invested in a silicone Savoy [piping] bag which can just be thrown into the dishwasher.  Guess what we are going to have piped mash potatoes on everything for a while as I practice with it.  I may start off with some stuffed hard boiled eggs which we can have for lunch with our courgette pancakes.

Talking of food last night for supper Mike and I had sweet corn on the cob but done according to Valentine Warners recipe which is to roll the corn in mayonnaise then in grated mild cheese and finally sprinkle with hot paprika.  Not a dinner party dish as you get smothered while eating but it is a very nice change from just a knob of butter...  The chewed cobs go to the hens who will truly strip them clean and go quite made for them.

Now that things have settled down a bit I may make a concerted effort to do the Durkan diet as we are down to just Mike and I but first I need to rid my cupboards of vegetable that are not allowed and empty the fridge of goodies like cheese and cream.  If I try hard we may be able to start on Monday which would be a good day....I will need to lay in no fat creme fraiche, skimmed milk and quark not to mention steaks and plenty of meat and fish.  The attack week is purely protein with the exception of the daily oat-bran  pancake which should keep the pipes moving.  Anyway, if I manage to get it organised I will keep you appraised of how I get on...I need to loose between 1.5 and 2 stone so we will see how long it takes....There is an exercise minimum of 20 minutes walking each day so the dogs will be pleased with that!!!

Time I got going the TV engineer is due between 8am and 1pm so I had better get out of my dressing gown in case he arrives early..................

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