Thursday morning

What can I say about yesterday, not a lot, I was absolutely pole axed.  I think it was the aftermath of Monday it never seems to be the next day that you suffer but the one after that.  I rang Sandi and she too was feeling lousy  and shattered so at least I was not alone.  Consequently I did very little and even that was a tremendous effort.

I made some glazed carrots with a bunch that were on the blink and an orange that had seen better days.  I also made some apple sauce to have with our Alpine macaroni which is on the menu for this evening.  Mike did the Tesco run and bought some bits and bobs for lunch today.  Mary is due around lunch time and so cold cuts seemed like a good idea.  This morning I will make the cheese sauce and fry the onions so all I need do this evening is boil some pasta and assemble the other ingredients.  I had also better boil a few eggs ready for the kedgeree for tomorrow.

The garden is looking very messy following the storm with leaves and twigs scattered far and wide and some large empty plastic flower pots which have come to rest in the most odd places.  I did have a small tidy and gather the pots and put them under cover where they are not exposed to the wild winds but the rest will have to wait.

There is one job that I must do today before Mary arrives and that is give Basso a major groom - Mary is completely besotted with him so he should look his best.  I haven't broken the news of this to him yet so he is snoring peacefully at my feet.  As you know he is not one for being ponced up and prefers the natural look.

I chased up the mattress topper I ordered and that is due for dispatch today and arrival tomorrow so that will be a good opportunity to change my bedding.  Then I am hoping to have a very restful night and not wake early with back ache as I did this morning.  Still no news from the physio referral, good job I am not completely incapacitated, or off sick from work!!!!  I guess I am very low priority but it would be nice to have some sort of idea of how long I will have to wait....In the mean time I am doing what I can to get round the problems.  I am trying to rest if it is giving me trouble and if I have a hard day to face then I take some analgesics to see me through the day.

Well that is about it for today time to have a ten thousand mile service myself which will require a little more than a good brushing....
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