Sunday morning

This is Kingsnorth power station which kind of dominates the sky line but if it were not there there would be nothing at all to see so I don't find it objectionable.  It is a sort of land mark even though the word GORDON has now faded from the tall chimney where the protesters painted it.

Yesterday started well with James arriving bright and early to catch both Mike and I shambling about it our dressing gowns.  After coffee we took the dogs for a walk while Mike went to Sainsbury to buy some CARROTS and some other vegetables and also to get a key cut for the front door of James flat.  He is happy for us to have access when we bring Sandi and David up to Kings for his operation which has now been postponed until November.  Interestingly talking of hospitals I received a letter from the physio department the day after my phone call  discharging me as a patient.  Amazing how fast they can move when their feathers have been ruffled!!!!  In all honesty my back is getting slowly better and I am sure that loosing a few pounds is helping.  I need to look at some core strengthening exercises to add to my walking regimen. I am not sure if cleaning the cooker hood would count!!!

The beef we had for lunch was delicious and with the carrots it was a real treat.  The gravy was the chicken stock I had made and all the lovely beef juices and as there was plenty I saved the left overs to use as gravy for the roast beef which is on today's menu.  Now as you know the best laid plans and all that, Mike decided it would make a good addition to the dogs biscuit supper.  So, you have heard of road rage and air rage but you would have witnessed food rage when I discovered what he had done!!!!!! I was incandescent!!!  However after a nights sleep on the matter I have now decided that to get so angry over some gravy is just a tad stupid not to mention pathetic.

The scarf knitting is coming on a pace I have now completed 6 scarves and just started on numbers 7 and 8 and I am running out of people who would appreciate one so the only alternative is to open a shop!!!!  James didn't feel that it would go well with his police uniform so he declined one as a Christmas present - ungrateful child!!!

I am gradually pulling down the runner beans which have finished and feeding the leaves to the chickens who seem to really like them.  Most of the weeds from the garden end up in the chicken run where they are put through the pre composting system which does make sure that the seeds don't grow, which can be a problem with cold composting.

Time to get the beef out of the fridge and let it reach room temperature before roasting - sadly no veg today but more tomorrow.  Have a good day all and guard your gravy well!!!!

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