Sunday morning

A pair of large ponds which Mark dug for the local council and are now beginning to fill with water,  this is where Basso decided to go muddy puddling and managed to fall over on the slippery mud covering the whole of one side of his body in sticky mud.

Yesterday was another busy day the hens needed cleaning out which I did bright and early and just in time as the heavens soon opened and we got soaked.  Then it was off to Tesco to purchase the dairy products demanded by the diet. All 0% fat and nasty skimmed milk oh well it is only the first week that is really hard so I am bracing myself.  We had a green lunch first some watercress soup then an avocado with Worcester sauce.  Supper was a bit of a better deal we had Conglio San Angelo [Rabbit cooked in tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and wine] with Polenta made with shed loads of butter and cheese.  Today will see a repeat performance of the rabbit for lunch and as yet I have no idea what we will be having for supper.  I do however have a hare which is marinading ready to make Lepre al Barolo.  There is enough meat to make at least 6 portions which will have to go into the freezer as they are forbidden on the diet which we are starting in earnest on Monday.

With all the rain and me being so tired following my early start I spent most of the afternoon watching the TV and knitting but sadly I have now finished the two scarves and have run out of yarn.  I am impressed with the finished results so I think a couple more may be on the cards.  They will make good Christmas gifts and if I add a jar of rose hip Jelly [Thank you for the recipe Joy] that will be most adequate.  I almost finished the crossword puzzle without the aid of Google which pleased me but this morning I will have to look up a few bits and bobs to finish it off.

I planted some hyacinths in a pot which is now under the stairs in the hope of forcing them in time for Christmas but I will have to remember to water them from time to time or nothing will happen.  I am also concerned that it may be too warm for them but if they come early I will enjoy them anyway and then they can be planted out in the garden for future spring colour.

Well that's the plan for today have a good one everyone even if you have to dodge the showers.....

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