Sunday morning

Wet, wet, wet. It started raining yesterday evening and has done so on and off all night with occasional real down pours.  The wind is blowing so hopefully the rain will gradually clear.
yesterday morning when I was in the garden I noticed that we had been inundated with pigeons yet again so I dashed in and got my air rifle out and and shot a few.  Basso was delighted and retrieved the birds and the remainder decided this was a dangerous place and vacated the roof top.  They will no doubt be back but if I persist them they may find a better place to sit and make a mess.

The roast chicken lunch went down well and we finished the crossword puzzle and Mary completed the sudoku puzzles which are her favourite.  The left over meat from the chicken was made is to chicken sandwiches which we had for supper with the last of the lemon drizzle cake.  My back was playing up very badly yesterday but when I finally went to bed the minute I lay down on my new mattress the pain disappeared.

I watched the last night of the proms which is a must for me but also watched a program about the making of QI which was also fascinating and I had no idea that it is in fact 2 hours long and in front of a live audience.  We only get a half hour of the edited highlights. It was also interesting to see the elves who were much younger than I expected.

Well short comments this morning as you can see I am up very late I didn't wake till 7am unheard of for me so now I am behind schedule and need to get on.
Have a good day and lets hope the weather improves for all of us....
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