Saturday morning

Lovely colours on a Japanese maple

Today we move on one stage in the diet process that is called the cruise phase which allows us to have vegetables as well as protein and believe me after a week of no vegetables I am really looking forward to this phase.  It is much easier to construct meals with a few green bits.  For lunch today I have some nice skirt beef which is in the slow cooker and that will be served with a nice big pile of carrots.  Dinner tonight will be some marinated chicken and a good sized salad.  Still no fruit, fat or carbohydrates and the expected weight loss is around 2lbs per week so that is great.  Which means a little over 3 months should see the weight gone.  At which point these items come back on a very limited basis.  In the mean time I think I will try to up my exercise to help matters along.  Isn't it wonderful how a little deprivation makes things seem so appealing who would have though I would be longing for carrots!!!!!

While I was out walking yesterday Basso decided to have a really big barking session with a St Bernard who lives in a compound on our way to the rugby field.  I explained that this was unacceptable behaviour and by way of punishment for disobedience the walk ended right there and we turned and went home.  You cannot believe the look of utter astonishment on the dogs face he just couldn't believe that his display of testosterone had ended up in such a harsh punishment!!!!!  Actually I was short of time and needed to get home so Mike could go to the osteopath but the dog didn't know that.

The osteopaths diagnosis of Mikes shoulder problem is that it is a frozen shoulder which is really miserable as it can take anything up to 24 mths to resolve.  Anyway we have made a head start and I have charged up the TENS machine and he had 2 x 40 minute sessions yesterday which he feels have helped him with the pain and should stimulate the circulation to aid recovery.  

James is due to join us for lunch today and is quite happy to go along with the diet regimen as he feels he could loose a pound or two anyway.  I don't know if he is intending to stay for the whole weekend or just the day but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I have started another two scarves this time in a yarn called black watch which is a deep purple, forest green and black mix which I assume are the colours of the black watch tartan.  One thing is for certain they will not show the dirt so will be ideal for the going picking up in the muddy fields.  Mike bought me a second ball of yarn which is a very deep turquoise aqua marine blue or may be you would call it petrol, anyway Elaine has her name on that one.  Hopefully, this will keep me amused for a few days but according to the weather forecast it is going to be warm and sunny so they may have to wait while I get on with some jobs in the garden.  

While I wait for it to get light I can get on with the crossword in the Radio times which must be completed before I can have the one in the Telegraph. and I can prepare the CARROTS!!!!!  


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