Saturday morning

First let me make a correction to yesterdays blog apparently Mary is not captain of her local club but in fact county senior ladies captain.  Not knowing the first thing about golf I made this faux pa and down graded her achievement.  I hope she forgives my ignorance!!!

Shiona arrived around lunch time and it was nice for her and Mary to make contact.  They were both widowed at around the same time with husbands with similar prostate problems so I had put them in contact over the phone.  Anyway we had a nice lunch together and then took the dogs out for a run.  It was a very strange day weather wise as it was very warm but overcast and extremely humid.  As we all enjoy crosswords we settled down to to the crossword in the radio times but sadly it is a bit easy so that didn't take very long.  After tea and lemon drizzle cake Shiona left as she had left her dogs at home.  I had made some meat balls for supper which we had with tomato sauce and some potato wedges.  The wedges were more to demonstrate how the halogen oven works.  Mary was duly impressed with the speed of the cooking and as Shiona too has a halogen oven she was keen to back me up on just what a God send they are.

Then just when I had given up hope my mattress topper arrived and was swiftly unwrapped and put on to the bed.  As the foam was without a cover I put it in a redundant duvet cover and then made the bed as usual.  Well what a revelation this morning for the first time I woke not feeling stiff and achy after a very good nights sleep. For your information the topper is 7 centimetres deep and is the 60kg density total cost with no P&P £60 and purchased from

If any of you are thinking along these lines you need to get on with it as the prices are going to rise 8pm Tuesday 13/9/11.  I did wonder if the bed would be very hot but was surprised that it did not seem to be any warmer than my old mattress and yesterday was good test as it was a very muggy night.

Today Mary wants to go to Tesco and buy a camera case so I think while I am doing the roast chicken lunch I will send her with Mike which will also give me a bit of time to clean out the hens as well.

Have a good day all, by the way it is 18 degrees outside as I am typing so I think we will be in for another hot one.....


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