Saturday morning

The tomatoes may have gone but the cucumbers are replacing them in green house.  I got a bit of a better nights sleep last night so am up at a more sensible time this morning.  Now I hope that you are all thanking me for the warmer weather if I had not had the central heating controls done we would be knee deep in snow by now!!!!

Yesterday was a glorious sunny and warm day and we went to a place called Boughton Monchelsea which is just the other side of Maidstone where we had a very acceptable pub lunch.  We had decided not to take the dogs which was just as well as it was quite hot and there was nowhere in the shade to park the car.  They have a crate in the back of the car with a reflective blind over it but it still gets quite hot.

As you are foodie people I will describe what I had.  The starter was celery and Stilton soup with crusty bread and butter.  The soup flavour was good but lacked any taste of Stilton and the celery had not been strung which made the texture rather unpleasant.  The main course was slow cooked belly of pork with apple fritters, black pudding, mashed potatoes and a creamy sauce.  The mash was stunning and the fritters and black pudding excellent but the pork had been cooked until it was completely dried out and too hard to either cut or chew in many places.  However the crackling was crisp and shattered when attacked with cutlery.  It came with a side dish of mixed vegetables which included mini corn cobs, cauliflower, mange tout, carrots and curly kale.  The mange tout needed the side strings removed and the kale was badly undercooked and as tough as blazes, the rest was fine.  The cost for the two courses was £16 which I think is not too bad and given that it was pub grub with large portions I hadn't the heart to point out all the errors however Mike did mention that stringing the celery would be a good idea.  This is the trouble with going out to eat if you are a cook you do notice all these little errors.

Having had such a monumental lunch there was only one thing to do in the afternoon and that was snooze then for supper neither Mike nor I felt like much so we had some guacamole that I had made with a bit of bread and called it quits.

Today is supposed to be another warm one so I have several jobs to do in the garden - the pond pump needs a clean as do the hens so that is where I will start.  I will need to get the dogs out for a walk early and before it gets hot as they really don't appreciate walking in the heat.  Then it is my weekly treat of the cross word puzzle and probably a couple of loads of laundry.  For lunch we need to eat some of our eggs so it will be scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and for supper some avocados which are now ready to eat.

Have a good day all and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.....

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