Saturday moring

A profusion of rose hips if only I needed to make rose hip syrup!!!

Yesterday was a busy day first it was dog walking where I took this photograph then back via the butcher and fish monger to stock up on protein for the diet. While I was walking I met and elderly foreign gentleman who was collecting damsons but where he had chosen to pick there were only very few so I directed him to an area where there were plenty more.  He was going to make jam with them so some how I felt better about not picking them myself.   I also dropped in at the knitting shop and bought some frilly knitting yarn to make scarves as Christmas presents.  Once we got home the first job was to hose Basso down as he had been muddy puddling and was black up to his elbows.  That done I then tackled the meat and fish which needed to be divided into sensible portions and put in the freezer.

For lunch I made us some mushrooms stuffed with sausage meat which I cooked in the halogen oven and for supper I had made a piperade into which I scrambled some eggs.  This had taken care of most of the vegetables however I need to make some watercress soup today and cook a rabbit which will finish off the remainder.  

Then it was on with making the most of the weather and out into the garden to plant the pansies and also some of the bulbs which had arrived.  I still have plenty more to plant but at least I have made a start.  Talking of making a start I have also started the frilly scarf which is painful to knit but at least it grows very quickly.  By the way this photo was taken with my iPad.
Needless to say after such a busy day I fell asleep by 9pm and consequently I am up at stupid o'clock but at least that gives me some time to get on with the knitting and some of the cooking before the day really starts.  I think the weather is supposed to turn wet and nasty around lunch time so I had better get the hens cleaned out bright and early and walk the dogs.  I think the remainder of the planting can wait as the bulbs are not urgent.  I also have the luxury of the crossword puzzle but first I have to do a Tesco run and buy the paper as well as some no fat dairy products.... Yuk...   Never mind I am going to loose some weight so that will be compensation enough......

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