Pinch punch

The sweet peas are on their last legs, summer is officially over and autumn is here. Not that I think we would notice the difference as it has been very chilly of late. Every one arrived as expected yesterday and after coffee and pleasantries we set of to Dartford to go shooting. As it turned out the weather was perfect it was neither too hot nor too cold and the air was perfectly still which meant that the clays trajectory was undisturbed. I shot reasonably for the first few stands but gradually as my back became tired my scores diminished but at least I made it all the way round and didn’t have to give up as I had the last time. Once home it was all down to gun cleaning and it was about 3pm when everyone left for home, Jeff clutching his bag of frozen sloes ready to make the gin for the winter. Mike had vetoed the risotto so we had a miserable burger for lunch but the three of us managed to demolish the risotto for supper. For today I have taken some beef and ale pies out of the freezer which we will have with runner and green beans both of which are still going strong.

James got a surprise yesterday in the shape of a bottle of Veurve Cliquot which his on line poker club sent him for his birthday. Today we are expecting an inspector to call, isn't that an Agatha Christy novel title, anyway, apparently they always send someone to do a home visit if someone is off sick for a protracted length of time. You cannot believe the quantity of red tape we are embroiled in over this incident. Anyway it is a good excuse to make me run the Hoover over the house and get rid of the last dregs of ironing.

Yesterday was the first time we had left all 5 dogs home alone while we went shooting and it seems that they all got on well and probably slept while we were out.  I do envy the dogs capacity to just sleep if there is nothing interesting happening and then spring back to life the instant something occurs.  There is no sitting on the edge of the bed scratching their heads and drinking coffee while the wake up.  It is almost as if they have an on off switch.  I want one of those!!!!

Well it is just beginning to get light and I have had the coffee and scratched my head so I guess it is time to burst into life!!!!!  Have a good day all....

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