Monday morning

Autumn is definitely on the way and the Japanese anemonies are in full bloom

The weekend passed with little or no disruption except for the rain and the hare that I marinated and cooked yesterday is sitting in containers ready for the freezer.  I successfully washed and dried two loads of laundry so I have a nice pile of ironing to amuse me this morning.  Then I can get stuck in to cooking the oat bran galettes which the diet recommends as a daily necessity.  I will then make some flavoured custards which are needed for deserts.  These may be either chocolate, coffee or vanilla so I thought I would make some of each so we can decide which we prefer.  The house is devoid of bread, most vegetables and all fruit so there is no temptation there and we will have to stick to the diet or go shopping!!!!  I have weighed myself to get a base line figure and as soon as Mike is out of bed that will be his task.  The only difficult day I foresee is Wednesday when I hope to go shooting with Jeff but I have organised some sirloin steak for lunch and he can have some wedges with his as I have a couple of potatoes left.  I will also have to make a concerted effort to eat breakfast something that I am not fond of and generally avoid.  Fortunately, neither coffee nor tea are restricted with the proviso of skimmed milk and as I drink my coffee black that is no problem.  
Along with the diet there is a stipulation that a 20 minute brisk walk is taken daily, well as you can imagine with the dogs this too is not going to be a problem.  Anyway wish me luck and fortitude and I will let you know how I get on.

As I have run out of yarn for knitting I may make a foray to the craft shop and get some more so that I can fill in those slack moments with knitting and at the same time get a few presents tucked away ready for Christmas.  I also need to remember to take a quarterly meter reading tomorrow as it is time to get paid for generating  electricity.  This time I will include a photograph of the meter so there is no argument as to the numbers....  I must admit that I have really enjoyed getting rid of the irritating energy salesmen, who both come to the door and telephone, buy offering to sell them electricity!!!!

Well it is 6 am and I have to get going even though it is still pitch dark outside and the dogs are still sleeping soundly.....

Breakfast oat bran galette and smoked salmon 


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