Monday morning

The start of another week and it is wet and blowing so not a good day for the laundry which is piling up.

Yesterday morning I made Mary an us a full English breakfast which we had around 10am then once she had set off back to Bath Mike and I just pottered around and ate left overs.  I made a big pot of chicken stock and picked the carcass over for the dogs.  I felt so much better after a good nights sleep but I have discovered one problem with the mattress and that is it is inclined to walk across the bed so I am going to remove the duvet cover and put it straight on to the existing mattress which I hope will keep it from moving.

Today we have several items we need to buy for our menagerie we need chicken food and dog food both of which come in huge sacks and then we need to go and get some coffee from the shop in Faversham so I guess it will be a day of driving around.  Today the eggs from the chickens will put us into profit for the first time and we are now over the 300 egg  mark.  I also need to spend some time with the shredder and put loads of news papers through which make ideal bedding.  The runner beans have gone mad with all this rain and so I need a big picking session.  I also have rather too many cucumbers so I think I will need to have a trip up and down the road and loose a few to friends and neighbours.  The garden looks pretty battered around but I am hoping that the weather will be OK tomorrow when Mark is due.  He had to cancel last week as the weather was atrocious and it would have been a complete waste of time trying to garden.  Both ponds are choked with weed so I will have to have a fishing expedition and try to get some of it out.  The small pond is hardly visible it is so covered with plants.
This is what it looked like when first installed

and this is what it looks like this morning!!! the fountain is no longer visible and even the walls are obscured by plants.  I think I may wait until most of the plants have died back before I make a concerted effort to clear it.

You will be pleased to know that James has recovered well and we are hopeful that he will soon be back at work as he does get pretty bored with nothing constructive to do.....

And on that note it is time I went and got on with something constructive myself..........

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