Monday morning

Yesterday I was glad that the washing had been done as we had rain on and off throughout the day.  I made the game pie mix and there was enough filling to fill two 4-6 person pies which are now in the freezer.  The addition of the orange juice and zest made quite a difference to the flavour which I was very pleased with.  Once that was done and the morning chores were out of the way I settled down to finishing the crossword puzzle and after lunch I watched a Hitchcock film, Vertigo, I had seen it many years ago but had completely forgotten the plot so it was like a new film.

Today I have a bright and early start as I am taking Sandi and her husband to Kings college hospital for his pre-operative assessment.  Sadly he needs to be there for 9am which means a drive in the worst possible traffic.  We are going to leave here at 7 giving a good 2 hours for a 1 hour journey.  While they are at the hospital I am going to James flat which is only 10 minutes away and will wait there for the call to say they have finished.  Then I can go and pick them up and we can head for home.  I also have a few bits and pieces to take up to the flat so we can kill several birds with one stone.

Anyway I can't hang around writing this morning so I had better head off to the shower and get myself ready.  Wish us luck with the traffic and I do hope we get there in time......
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