Thursday morning

I know this looks like a bunch of weeds but in the centre there is a nice sea beat plant and I have been watching the progress of the plants with interest this week.  It is amazing how appealing it is when you are on a no vegetable regimen!!!

Yesterday I went shooting and was tolerably pleased with my efforts.  The rain was still falling as we left but it had almost dried up by the time we got there and so we kept mostly dry with the exception of the rain coming off the trees.  The shooting ground appeared to have new gun stands and benches and it was only later that we discovered why.  The vandals had been through the site and ripped up all the wooden structures and lit a huge bonfire.  This is not the first time this has happened and it must be very soul destroying for the owner, the consensus of opinion is that it is either kids or the bikers who use the dirt track further down the lane.  The site is only in used on Wednesday Friday and the weekend so there is plenty of time when there is no one there to guard it.  I suggested that they should leave a pair of nice big rottwielers wandering about when the people are not around which would certainly deter kids.....

I don't think I would argue with him if he was guarding something!!!! Although he looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

When we got home I did us all a nice piece of steak for lunch and Jeff had his with some wedges and we had half a galette with ours then it was on to chocolate custard.  For dinner last night we finished of some bits and pieces and the last of the cold roast sirloin.  Today however we are off to Whitstable to eat oysters and mussels for lunch and walk the dogs on the beach.  Then for supper we are going to have some chicken broth with the meat that has been used to make it.  I need another trip to Tesco as we have motored through most of the no fat dairy products and I need to restock.  My weight is static this morning at 5lbs loss which is great for just one week and once we move on to the protein and vegetable week the expected loss is just 2lbs but even that is great.  The next stretch of the diet will be the most difficult as the initial enthusiasm wears off and you realise that most of your favourite things are off limits.  However, with some 20lbs to loose it should not be too long before I am where I want to be.  Hopefully by Christmas I should be nearing the end and as it looks like we are going to have a quiet one on our own this year I should not be tempted by too many goodies.

Mike took a trip over to Landrover in Maidstone the other afternoon as my car key has begun to disintegrate the plastic outer covering is crumbling.  Well no problem a new key is on order and when it arrives it will need to be programmed to match the car.  How much do you think it is going to cost?  Can you believe £175 for a key!!!!!!  I am beginning to think that as we are no longer a two car family perhaps we should not be a two key family either after all you can only use one key at a time.

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