Friday morning

Whitstable beach yesterday where we went with the dogs for a run prior to lunch and following the dreaded tour of Tesco.  The dogs thought they had died and gone to heaven and went crazy running in and out of the water.  We eventually found a place where we could not only park but also get some food for lunch.  Mike and I had 9 oysters each followed by a bucket of mussels all of which is allowed on the diet and although it sounds good it is not much food and a lot of messing around to eat it.  Poor mike has done something to his shoulder and his right arm is pretty useless so today he is going to the osteopath at 11am and hopefully he will be able to help him.  He already has trouble with his knees and hips so all he needed was a duff shoulder which make driving difficult.  We seem to be a right pair of old crocks at the moment.  For the first time in ages I found myself buying half a dozen eggs as we have been using ours pretty heavily with this diet and I am running low.  The egg custards take 5  and the galettes take 2 a day so as you can see it is quite easy to run through a dozen eggs.  Last night for supper we had some chicken broth followed by a piece of poached salmon and a chocolate custard with a blob of 0% Greek yoghurt on the top.

Today is our last day of the attack phase of the diet and tomorrow we are reintroducing some vegetables which will be a real treat!!!  I have my heart set on some boiled beef and carrots with a good dollop of horseradish sauce but first we have to get through today.  We are having kippers for breakfast then for lunch  a little cold beef starter followed by some chicken drumsticks and a yoghurt for desert and as yet I have no idea what we will have for supper but I do have some nice tongue slices which I am sure I can do something with.  As the diet is written for the French there is a lot of veal on it but sadly we have considerable difficulty getting veal which leaves us with either beef, chicken or fish.

As yet our second mattress topper has not arrived but it should be here any day soon - Mike is not keen to have it but I am sure that once he has tried it he will be delighted.  With the weather improving I would like to get a few bits and pieces done in the garden. There are so many plants that need to be cut down or back and now seems a good time to do it.  I also need to prepare the vegetable beds ready for the onions and broad beans which are going to over winter.  However while it is still dark I will make the regulation galettes and some more chocolate custards to see us through the next few days.....

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