Friday morning

The very attractive flowers of the garlic chives

The TV engineers arrives spot on 8am and swapped over the cable boxes and gave me a short lesson on how to operate the new Tivo box but what they failed to do was to program the hand sets so it took me quite a while to do that.  I still haven't done the one in Mikes room and that will be today's techno job.  

My parcel from Lakeland arrived and I got to play with my new silicone piping bag - I made a batch of stuffed eggs which I filled with a bit of smoked salmon and mayonnaise.  The bag was then turned inside out and put in the dishwasher - great.  It is a large bag so not suitable for fine cake decorating work.  It would be fine for butter cream work so ideal if you are into cup cakes, profiteroles or ├ęclairs.  I also made a batch of courgette pancakes which made a nice lunch along with the stuffed eggs.  For dinner I had a lamb chump end which I cooked in the halogen oven along with some potato wedges which we had with some leeks.  I really feel that I could sell halogen ovens Mary rang to tell me hers had arrived and she had cooked her first meal in it and was delighted with the result.   Today I am intending to make a red pepper stew which takes quite a while to cook but is really delicious with some eggs scrambled into it and helped down with crusty bread.  I also have some lovely mushrooms which I may stuff and grill - no I haven't become a vegetarian I am just trying to use up all the vegetables I have around before the attack phase of the diet which has no veg or carbohydrates.  I will also need to make a comprehensive shopping list so that we are well stocked with the right foods and are therefore not prone to straying from the path of righteousness.  

Yesterday a box arrived which was full of plug size pansies which I had completely forgotten about so they will need to be potted on this morning and with any luck I should have a lovely show over the winter months.  I am itching to get on and plant my broad beans but they are not due to go in until November so a while to wait yet.  The perpetual spinach that I planted late is making very slow progress and I am not sure I will get a crop this year but who knows with the weather we have had over the last couple of day it may yet happen.

I am hoping for a nice quiet day today just pottering and doing bits and pieces.  I would like to go to the wool shop and buy some fancy wool to make frilly scarves which I will give away as Christmas presents but that may have to wait until the weekend.

Have a good day all and enjoy this bit of good weather while it lasts winter is on its way.......

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