Friday morning

Yesterday morning was a bit of a flurry in the kitchen I made the lunch of cold meats and some stuffed eggs and a cucumber salad then went on to supper which was Alpine macaroni cheese with stuffed tomatoes and a slice of lemon drizzle cake.   I also put together the mixture for some meat balls for tonight's supper.

Mary arrive at lunch time bearing a bunch of flowers not to mention a box of chocolates what more could a girl ask for.  After lunch we settled down to do some bits a pieces on her new lap top which she had brought in the hope that I might be able to help her sort it out.  As it happened I was able to get some of the items sorted out and she managed to get all her ladies names and addresses loaded on in groups.  She is the lady captain of her local golf club and as such she has plenty of matches etc to sort out for the forth coming year so a spread sheet needs to be set up which we will probably tackle either today or tomorrow.

Shiona is popping over today as it will be last opportunity for a while as she is off on a magnificent cruise which starts in Canada and ends in China.  Apparently it was going cheap as they are moving the ship and might as well take some passengers with them.  She will be away for a month and has luckily managed to arrange another friend to come and stay in her house and babysit her dogs and the cat.

Today for lunch I though I would do a kedgeree which is more of an assembly job than cooking once I have prepared all the ingredients.  We would also like to take the dogs for a walk if the weather is kind.
My mattress topper is due to arrive today so I am looking forward to trying it out tonight and hope that I will wake up less stiff and achy in the morning  I might even get to sleep a little later who knows.

Anyway enjoy your day according to the weather forecast it is due to be nice and warm but will deteriorate over the weekend.  Oh by the way I think I have another convert to the joy of halogen ovens!!!

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