Friday morning bright and early

While I was next door feeding their fish I thought I would take a snap back towards the house just to give a slightly different perspective.  As you can see we had wall to wall sunshine and the temperature was up to nice and warm.  I am convinced that this was only because I organised the plumber to come and fit the central heating controls.  Well at least now when it does turn cold I can have some heat.  As Joy pointed out officially autumn doesn't start until 23 September so we have a little bit of the summer left.

With all the comings and goings yesterday I did a simple lunch of avocado pear with sea food and mayonnaise and for supper I had some beef and ale pies.  We had the pies with some runners from the garden but we all found it was just too large a meal.  We could have managed with half a pie each but as it stands the dogs will be having a very luxurious breakfast.  James has decided to go back to his flat for a week or so which will mean it will be easier to arrange the beds for Mary's stay and he has a few chores to do while he is up there.

The visiting inspectors from staff health were keen to get him back to work once they have finished shuffling the interminable paper work which I think is the best solution as he is very bored with nothing much to do.  However, I will miss his company and his helping hand around the house and garden not to mention on my dog walks.

Today we are destined to go out to lunch with Len and Margaret who we haven't seen for ages so it will be nice to catch up on all the gossip.  The last few weeks have been a bit traumatic and I feel like I could use a bit of a break even if it is just a lunch out.  I made some guacamole with the remaining avocados so that will do for supper.

Having got up at the ungodly hour of  3 am I now feel a bit sleepy so I think I may go back to bed and see if  I can get a couple more hours of sleep........
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