Friday and going to be another hot one

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday but in the end it was a bit too hot my thermometer registered  35 in the sunshine.  The garden is as dry as a biscuit and while I am not watering the actual garden there are still pots that need to be tended.

I was right to be concerned about the dog on Saturday.  They had a dry run on the Lees court estate yesterday and one of the dogs collapsed from the heat.  Sweet tea was administered and the dog was OK but I am going to be very careful with Basso.  He spent most of yesterday laying on the cool tiles in the kitchen.

The steam cleaner didn't turn up as expected and you know how frustrating it is to wait all day and then nothing happens.  To keep myself occupied I made some buns with the galette mixture adding some candarel and some baking powder.  They don't rise much but are reasonable to eat with a cup of coffee.  If I make them again it will be with a good addition of vanilla for flavour.

I also made a batch of burgers and some meat balls in tomato sauce all of which are in the freezer for future use.  Mike bought a chicken so I think I may roast that today which will leave him plenty for his lunch on Saturday and stop him from going and buying something naughty.  It also means there will be a ready meal for me when I get back probably exhausted.

I finished scarves 9 & 10 last night and have an order for two more so I need to go and buy another ball of yarn.  I find it very therapeutic to knit while I watch TV which I have always felt is more like a glorified radio and needs listening to more than watching unless you are talking about nature type programmes.

The hens have made a complete mess of their nest box so I will clean them out today besides tomorrow is going to be too busy so I had better get it done. We are toying with the idea of a trip to Whitstable for more oysters and mussels but we will have to see how we feel nearer the time as it is only about 40 minutes away. Do I take my swimming costume and try and get Basso in the water? Decisions Decisions!!!!

Anyway enjoy the day for tomorrow will be October......

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