Thursday morning and still dark

Why the picture of Basso bringing a pheasant you ask it is not hunting season yet?  Well I don't have a photo of his exploits yesterday but while we were out walking he suddenly appeared from the woods with a young pigeon in his mouth.  It must have been on the ground and was probably wounded so it was taken from him and quickly dispatched.  The other four dogs looked on with admiration as he is obviously a good hunter and provider for the pack.  We had gone for a walk as it was raining and we were not keen to get our guns wet.  Instead we decided to pick sloes ready for the sloe gin that will be needed on cold winter days.  By the time we had finished picking between the three of us [James Shiona and I] we had collected 6lbs of sloes.  Shiona had 2.5lbs there is an equal amount for Jeff and I have siphoned out a pound to put with my bottle of cheap gin.  By the time we arrived home we were all soaked through it was not the rain but the wet vegitation that had soaked us.  So first things first it was into dry clothes for all of us then on with lunch.  As Shiona had had a tooth extracted the day before so we decided to have scrambled egg with smoked salmon - however when I was up in the chicken run I decided that the puff balls had reached their maximum and needed picking so we sliced them and fried them in a little butter with garlic and parsley.  All in all a very acceptable lunch.
Fed and happy we settled down to watch a film.  Mike had already gone to bed for a kip and once Shiona had departed I too followed him.  Supper last night was the steak from Tesco - say no more it was tough and terrible and would have been better stewed. 

Today I have not really got any plans but will need to do a bit of shopping for odds and ends and I still have a batch of ironing to get rid of so that will keep me occupied for a while.  Then I suppose there is no reason not to make the sloe gin as the sloes are frozen and just need a bit of a bashing before being bottled.  I have some lamb chump ends which I will roast off in the halogen oven which we can have with new potatoes and a salad.

Recipe for cold left over roast meat

Slice the meat thinly and then add a sliced red onion and a handful of capers in vinegar.  Dress with a good splash of olive oil and salt and pepper.  Then leave to marinate for a few hours before eating.
This would make a nice cold alternative to Annes recipe for a hot gratin.  It works best with either lamb or beef but can be used with pork, chicken or veal.
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