Wednesday morning and bin day

Basso sits on the end mark of the A frame as requested

We had a good morning at agility training yesterday with Basso doing all that was asked of him but sadly the handler was not so hot.  It is a bit like when you first learn to drive and you know it is completely impossible to do all the things required like change gear, clutch in, clutch out, steer, indicate and check mirrors all at the same time.  I think it will take me a lot longer to learn the correct commands and signals than the dog.  The weather started off quite chilly but soon got warm once the sun broke through the clouds.  Jane came and did her stuff so the house is a bit cleaner and I put through some loads of washing.  For lunch I found some salmon fish cakes in the freezer which we had with tomato salad but the fish cakes were a real disappointment as they were largely mashed potato with just the merest hint of salmon.  To make up we had some turkey pies that I had made with mash and runner beans from the garden for supper which was a much better meal.  I made enough mash to make some salmon fish cakes of my own and these will have a much greater proportion of salmon to potato.  Today we are going to have kedgeree as I need to use up some eggs which are coming thick and fast.  I know it is meant to be a breakfast dish but it does well for a nice lunch.  

This afternoon I have an engineer coming to sort out my computer which has been playing up for months and is running really slowly.  It has a fan which periodically sounds like jet air craft and the software is coming up with an assortment of errors.  It has never really worked well since the addition of the upgrade to Windows 7.  The other day Google earth refused to open and I ended up completely reinstalling it from scratch which took ages and even then it kept asking me for administrator permissions!!!!  The software for my new camera refused to load and I am now using Picasa to upload photos.  Anyway no doubt it will cost me an arm and a leg but I will be pleased if the thing runs better as it has been driving me nuts.

The weather forecast is look grim for shooting on Thursday but we will wait and see I really could use a bit of a break from all the hassle at home and would really enjoy blasting a few clays and ridding myself of a few frustrations!!!  Alternatively I could put on a hoodie and go on the rampage with the children!!!  I just wonder what the parents are doing if one of mine came home with a brand new TV I would want to know where it came from.. Where is the water cannon? Sadly I think the full force of the law will be like water off a ducks back to most of these kids.  A large proportion of them were never going to get a job anyway so why worry if you have a criminal record. The lady who called them 'feral rats', was sadly rather close to the truth.  I feel so sorry for people who have had their property destroyed as I think most insurance companies do not cover for riot situation.  Perhaps the government should insist that they pay out on this occasion.  After all why should decent law abiding citizens bear the brunt of this disorder.

And on that happy note I am off to put the bins out!!!!!

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