Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday morning was a busy one Mark came and did the garden and I must admit it looks lovely for having had a bit of care.  As you can see from the photo he has trimmed the tree arch and it now looks neat and tidy.  Jane worked her magic in the house so that is now clean and tidy I put numerous loads of washing through the machine and roasted a chicken for lunch.  Then it was off to dog training which went reasonably well if you discount the fact that Basso had diarrhoea which caused a few problems.  He has got the idea of the weaving poles and has no trouble with the both the solid tube and the floppy one.  The jumps he just sees as fun but it was extremely hot and it was the handler who ran out of gas first.  We packed up early from the class and James had walked the two terriers in the mean time so it was home for cold drinks and showers all round. The afternoon was so hot we just slopped around trying to keep cool.  Today we have a plan to go to see Harry Potter in the lovely air conditioned cinema which should keep us cool until the rain finally arrives.  It is not due here until this evening so we have one more hot day to contend with.
All the washing has resulted in a big pile of ironing so I will get that done before the heat builds and becomes intolerable.
Yesterday we hit the 150 egg mark which is an amazing £37.50 so all is going to plan there.  Hopefully another month or so should see us into pure profit.  I was due to go shooting on Thursday but the weather looks terrible so I have cancelled that and we will probably go up to London and collect James motor cycle which he is unhappy leaving unattended.  We also need to organise a carpenter to come and put the front door back together as the police broke the lock to gain entrance to his flat and it is currently held together with a couple of big padlocks.  Anyway we are trying not to forward plan too much and take each day as it comes - personally I think I could sleep for a week with no trouble!!!!
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