Wednesday and bin day

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day but it was freezing cold and so we ended up calling  the plumber back to get the central heating working.  We had intended to have a new fancy control system but that is not due until October and frankly the way the weather is going I think we will be needing the heating before then.  So we have settled for the current version which is being installed on Friday hopefully.  This is really not the best day as we had hoped to go out for lunch and you never know we may still make it depending how long the plumber takes.  It will be nice to have control back and set the temperatures that are comfortable for us. 

I ordered myself a mattress topper which I hope will make the bed a bit more comfortable.  Then it struck me that I could buy several toppers instead of a whole mattress and still be quids in. Three memory foam mattress toppers at 7 cm make one 21 cm mattress costing £200, one tempur mattress is £800 so that would be a saving of £600 and I'm sure I could stitch the three together so they didn't slide apart.  Anyway we will see how I get on with one and see if it makes any significant difference.

Shiona is coming over today and I think Jeff may also be coming so we can go shooting - lunch is a mushroom risotto and salad which should keep the wolf from the door.  I can get it all ready to go and then cook it while the guns are being cleaned.  I expect Jeff will be pleased to get his sloes as I know he is keen to make some sloe gin.  Last year we made damson gin and it was rather too sweet so this year it is the real thing and I have cut the sugar down drastically.  I can always add some later if it is too tart/dry.  When I walk the dogs I pass loads of bushes loaded with damsons and it grieves me not to pick them but I know that if I do I will have to make jam and then I will eat it because I love it. I suppose the jam is not so bad but it is the shed loads of crusty bread and butter that go with it or worse still scones and cream that make it a no no.  Passing up the opportunity of free food is always difficult!!!  The same applies to the raspberries which go unpicked perhaps I can pursuade Shiona and Jeff to have a picking session?  I think I have some squirrel genes somewhere.....

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