Wednesday and bin day

Well we were in for torrential rain yesterday so the weather forecast said and yes it did rain but it was mostly drizzle and nothing dramatic.  The dog agility class was cancelled as it is quite dangerous in the wet not only for the dogs but also the handlers who slip and slide and fall over.  I must admit I was just as pleased as I didn't much fancy it.  James arrived home with his friend about lunch time and we all sat down to a full English breakfast/brunch and then for supper we had a Chinese take away which saved me the bother of cooking.  Jane worked her magic with the hoover and I did a mountain of ironing which is still sitting in the basket upstairs waiting to be put away.  I don't know why but that is the job that I really hate so I think I will try to persuade the men to put the stuff away.

Shiona is coming over today and as she had a tooth out yesterday we will make the decision as to whether to go shooting when she arrives but I think for lunch we should have some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon which should be easy on her mouth.  The for supper I have some steak  I defrosted yesterday which we can have with some new potatoes and salad.

Going back to the food wastage subject is seem that our generation who were brought up just after the war were made very aware of the value of food and that is was positively sinful to waste it.  Some how we have failed to pass this little nugget of wisdom on to the next generation.  You would have thought with all the media coverage about starving people in the world that something might have rubbed off on them.  I can vividly remember my mother when we came home from school claiming starvation offering us a slice of bread, not what we wanted, then commenting that if we were starving we would jump at the the chance of the bread.  Point made!!!  She had lived under German occupation during the war so she knew what she was talking about.  As Anne says perhaps we need a Hugh Fernly type campaign to wake people up to problems of waste.....  When I first started working in hospitals we had pig bins for waste food which was collected by the pig man on a regular basis and my uncle fed his hunting dogs on the table scraps from a local restaurant mixed with boiled broken rice [lucky dogs] it was a particularly good restaurant....Perhaps we should start a collection of recipes for left overs. 

I will start with my recipe for left over pasta dishes of all sorts with the exception of lasagne. 

Take the left over pasta with or without its accompanying sauce and add a couple of beaten eggs, season then fry gently and either flip over using a plate or put under the grill.  You can add any other ingredients you fancy like some chopped onion or cheese and then eat it cut into wedges either cold or hot with a nice salad.  This makes a nice easy lunch dish, a cold slice makes a quick grab and run breakfast.

If you have a favourite way to use up left overs or things that are on the blink please feel free to add it.....

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