Wednesday and bin day

So who's a clever boy then? 
It is quite difficult to get a decent action shot with a cheap and cheerful camera but this is the best of the bunch.  Basso behaved very well and we had a nice time but an hour of running around is just about all my back will tolerate.  In this picture the jumps are very low for the smaller dogs but on our last run they put the jumps up to the proper height which was much more to Bassos taste.  After the training it was off to the hair dresser to have a cut and blow dry which was desperately needed.  Because I hate going to the hairdresser I always leave it rather longer than I should and only go when I can stand my hair no more.  Because I was so late back and James was in London we decided that lunch would be a scrambled egg and some smoked salmon which was just right and then for supper we had a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce [our tomatoes] with a good grating of Parmesan

Today Gary is coming to continue with the painting and I am due to go shooting with Shiona and Jeff though I must admit that my heart is not in it.  I expect I will feel more like it once I get started but at the moment I feel I could do with a day of indolence.  The weather forecast is not good and we could have a shower or two but as we haven't been shooting for ages we are going to risk it and hope for the best.  James has been put off sick for another two weeks and so he will be staying with us for a while longer.  I must admit I don't mind as he is very helpful around the place and keeps the dishwasher fed and emptied which is one less job for me.  I also have company dog walking and some one to make me the odd cup of tea.  All very nice....

I have a lot of gardening that I should be getting on with not to mention running the hoover about the place but all these jobs can wait until I have more time and energy.  However it is bin day today so I must go and do the dog poo and get the bins out if I am not to miss the bin men who come very early.  So on that note I will leave you to your day and hope you enjoy what ever you have planned...

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