Tuesday morning

The blueberry bush sports its beautiful autumn colours

Yesterday was sunny and cloudy in equal parts but it did stay dry so I was able to have a bike ride with the dogs and also get my washing done and dried.  It was however pretty chilly with a cold wind blowing and this morning is no better at a miserable 12 degrees.  I am beginning to feel more confident on the bicycle and enjoying the ride. I managed to get some of the cushion covers from the three piece suite put through the machine as they were pretty covered in dog slobber.  I am gradually getting the green house weeded but in a piece meal fashion as I don't want to provoke my back.  Each time I pass I pull a couple of handfuls of weeds which are then fed to the chickens.  I think I now have sufficient basil  in there to make pesto which freezes really well.  Garlic, oil and Parmesan I have but I will need to check for pine nuts before I start as they may be lacking.  I suppose I could always add them at the time of use but it would be easier to make it complete.

I am up bright and early this morning having had a bad nights sleep tossing and turning by about  4 am I usually give up and get up.  My back doesn't seem to like my bed and I have been thinking of changing the mattress but looking at the cost of Tempur mattresses I think that is out of the question as I don't fancy paying £800 for a single mattress on the off chance that it will be better.  However, there is always the half way house of a memory foam topper which might be more affordable and worth the risk.

I actually got the Wii out yesterday and decided to have a go and was delighted to note that I had lost 9lbs since the last time I was on it.  This is all very pleasing as I have not been really trying just being a bit careful.  I still have a stone and half to loose before I am happy with my weight but at least I am on the downward track.  I want to have a go at the Durkan diet but at the moment it is out of the question with James still here I am not going to make several meals each day.  Once we are back to just Mike and I we can have a go.

I need to get my thinking cap on as my friend with Crohns disease is coming  to stay for a few days and therefore the menu needs to reflect her inability to eat vegetables or fruit so it will need to be a carb and protein fest.  I have got as far as macaroni cheese!!!!

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