Tuesday morning

On this day in 1972 at 8am I gave birth to my son James - It feels like a life time ago and is just a distant memory I was a completely different person in those days.  I had no idea of the joys and woes that were going to face me which is probably just as well or the human race would soon die out.....

James with his proud grandmother

Now according to the weather forecast we were in for torrential rain over night and this morning so I got the washing machine underway stripped all the beds and got everything dry by the time it started about 6pm but is soon fizzled out and was just a heavy shower.  It has been dry ever since - I am due to go dog training this morning and I thought it would be rained off but if it continues to be dry then it may still be on.  Actually if the truth be told I was hoping it would be wet as my back is still playing me up and dog training does it no good at all.

James went up to London last evening to have a celebration with some of his friends but should be back this morning some time. He has requested steak and wedges for lunch so that is nice and easy. The wonderful Jane is also due and we are sorely in need of her hoovering and I have a mountain of ironing to keep me out of mischief. 

I was watching "Country File" on Sunday and was staggered to see the amount of food that is wasted in this country apparently we throw away enough food to fill Wembley stadium many times over.  Well one thing is for certain it is not coming from this house.  What we don't eat ends up in either the dogs the hens or the compost and very little goes to land fill.  I pay no attention to dates on food but use my eyes and nose which I find perfectly adequate to judge if food is OK to eat.  I also try to recycle food into other dishes for example the spaghetti we had yesterday for lunch turned up again in frittata form with a little added cheese for supper, and the remains of that will be the dogs breakfast. I also made a load of tomato sauce yesterday with the glut of tomatoes before they had time to spoil.  Do people not use their freezers?  or are they full of chips and microwave meals!!!!  All I can say is they must have money to burn.....  I know I am retired but this is not something I have started since retirement I have always used my freezer to make the most of what I have.  OK enough of the soap box stuff time to get on with some ironing.....

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