Tuesday morning

The potting shed has had its first coat of pain and though it looks black in this photo it is in fact navy blue.  Gary managed to get paint on both sheds but sadly on closer inspection the potting shed will need another coat before the top coat can be applied.  He will not be coming today as he has another job but hopefully he will be here on Wednesday.

I busied myself in the garden and planted up my spinach seeds, I also cleared the bed of garlic which has been put to dry.  The primulas are planted in the winter window boxes but I still have several which need to be potted up else where.  It was also a day for cleaning out the pond filters and the fountain equipment all of which was clogged up with dirt and debris.  I also noticed that the tomatoes have developed a fungal infection and so they will need to be uprooted and disposed of before they infect the green house and the other plants.  It is that time of the year when you take a trip up the garden to do one job and return with three more to add to the list.

This morning I have a busy time first it is dog agility training at 9.30 then on to have my hair cut.  James is going back up to London to sort out a few things at his flat but hopefully he will be home for supper.  Somehow I don't think I am going to have time to get a second coat of paint on the shed today.  I have no wonderful Jane today so the house will be top of the agenda for a spruce up.

Sandi rang with some good news after her visit to Kings with her husband who now has a date at the end of September when he can have his surgery, they have been hanging around with their life on hold for months now so I am delighted that at last they have a fixed time to aim at.  Uncertainty is so difficult to cope with.

More good news the hens have finally paid for their purchase so now all we need is to cover the cost of the feed and then we will be into pure profit so to speak.  I was thinking about hens yesterday and wondering why none are living wild.  Most of the other introduced species eventually escape and live wild.  E.g pheasants, muntjac, mink etc but hens seem to be too stupid to survive in the wild...

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