Tuesday morning

Well good morning I seem to be up at stupid o'clock but then again I did crash out at about 9.30 absolutely exhausted.  James is home with me to rest and recuperate and what better place could there be than at home with his family.  I hope to take Basso to his classes this morning but we are just going to play each day as it comes.  The poor dogs haven't had a walk for a week, not that they will appreciate walking in the hot weather. Mark is due to come and sort out the garden which is not looking too bad at the moment.  We finished the last of the peas the other day and the courgettes are coming thick and fast.  In an effort to use them up I made a batch of courgette pancakes with loads of parmesan cheese and lemon zest.  Somewhere, in the middle of all the mayhem, I have dismantled a hare which is now in the freezer awaiting jugging at a later date.

Yesterday, was hotter than hell in London but I have deposited a plethora of cleaning materials in James flat so that we can give it a birthday before he returns.  I also grabbed a handful of clothes for him to wear now that he is staying here.  I expect him to be here for at least a fortnight if not longer.  Of course it has sent Hendon into a flat spin as they don't quite know how to deal with the situation as he was due to pass out on Friday but obviously will not be well enough to do so.  I know that I didn't want to wear a posh frock but this seem a bit of a drastic way of getting out of it!!!!!

The wonderful Jane is due today and her services are most needed.  As you can imagine housework has been bottom of the agenda for a while.  I have taken a chicken out of the freezer and intend to roast that today to eat cold over the next few meals.  What a wonderful thing the Tesco internet ordering and home delivery service has turned out to be.  In moments of crisis to be able to order on line at 5pm on a Sunday and have it all delivered on Monday morning is pretty spectacular.  I believe we are in for another hot one today so everything will need to be done this morning while it is still cool then we can vegetate this afternoon.

Thank you all for your good wishes I feel that we are now on the home run and it will just be a case of slowly slowly until things get back on to an even keel.

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