Thursday morning

The sweet-peas are quite a show and I am picking a bunch of this size every two days which means the whole house is scented by flowers.  NICE....

We spent a couple of hours in the morning giving Nip a hair cut with the electric clippers and in the end it is not too bad a job even if there are quite a few doorsteps.  He must feel somewhat cooler as we remove masses of his double coat.  I hope dogs don't feel to embarrassed by the state of their coats as it does look a very amateur effort.

The final part of the Harry Potter series was a very well made film we saw it in 2D but I can imagine it would be wonderful in 3D.  One of the best bits was that we stepped from 30 degrees into a cool air conditioned auditorium which was a real god send.  If you have not seen the previous films or read the books I don't think this film would make any kind of sense to you but as an avid follower it made a great conclusion to what has been a wonderful series of films.

I made a panzanella salad and some courgette pancakes for lunch and for dinner we had chicken broth followed by cold chicken with a haricot bean and tomato salsa followed by a big bowl of raspberries still warm from the garden with a big blob of vanilla ice cream.  The raspberries are in full flow now and are really wonderful but they do need picking which is a bit of a pain.  Needless to say the diet has been put on hold for the time being as I have far too much else to think about.

As yet we haven't had the promised rain and the air is still very muggy and close.  Hopefully today should see the rain arrive and a break in this very hot weather.  I think we are destined to go up to London today to pick up James bike which I feel he is now able to ride back safely.  I think he will be much happier once it is within his sight and safely stowed in our garden.  That is, hoping we can get it through to the back of the garage as it obstructs my access to the freezer if it is parked inside.

I have taken out a pack of bolognese sauce so that we have something for dinner tonight when we get back and all I need is to boil some pasta and make a salad.

Have a good day all and lets hope we get relief from the heat!!!!

P.S. it is 6 am and it has started to rain!!!!!!

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