Thursday monring

The climbing roses are having another lovely flush of flowers and have been surprising free of green fly and black spot which makes a pleasant change.

I spent yesterday in the kitchen and made the salmon fish cakes which I hope hope will be much better than the bought ones.  The kedgeree for lunch went down well and I also made a pot of tomato sauce with the glut of tomatoes from the garden.  The sauce is a bit of a weird colour as is made with many different coloured fruits but it tastes fine.  I also used the roasted elephant garlic in the sauce which has given it a nice sweet back note.  Just after lunch the engineer arrived and had a go at my computer which is now running much more quietly and smoothly but I am £100 lighter.  Eventually I will need a new power supply which is going to cost me around £70 so I don't quite know what to do.  I also spent some time with Basso practising his retrieving in the garden and for once he was very co-operative.  Today I am destined to go shooting but the weather forecast looks really poor and I think we may well get rained off.  This may be just as well as I have had a rotten night again and so I am likely to be over tired which is not good.  I was woken by the shouting and screaming of the people leaving the pub at closing time about an hour after I fell asleep and that was it I was then awake on the hour every hour and finally gave up at about 3.30 and pottered down stairs.  I do however feel really tired and worn out.  I still haven't heard from the physiotherapists with regard to my back but no doubt it will all happen in the fullness of time.  James was much more himself yesterday so I am pleased that all is beginning to right itself.    He still has a large patch of amnesia covering his first few days in hospital but that may never return - not that it is any great loss.

Suddenly I feel really sleepy so I think I will go back to bed and try and get a couple more hours much needed sleep........
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