Sunday morning

Well yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers as predicted but fortunately there was more sunshine than showers.  I had a day of general indolence, lunch and diner needed little preparation but the crossword took some time to complete.  I also had a purge on the glass.  I have a dividing door which is made of small glass panels with a couple of bulls eye panes which gets well and truly covered in dogs slobber and nose marks.  It is a complete pain in the posterior to clean but I set too and cleaned it yesterday and I must admit it does look good when done.  I also went round and washed all the bits of glass I have on display which get pretty filthy.  It is not until you clean them that you realise just how dirty they are.  These are the sort of jobs that generally get forgotten as they are time consuming and usually end up on the bottom of the list.

I also had a rummage through the freezer and discovered lots of bits of game so at some time I will need to make a big game pie or stew and use up all the bits and pieces before the next hunting season starts in October.  I also got a call from my friend who rough shoots to make sure that Basso would be available when the season starts.  I only hope that I am fit enough to accompany him.  He is disinclined to work for anyone else so I have to walk miles with him.  I guess I had better start practicing long walks to get myself fit as there is only a month to go.  Talking of which I have as yet heard nothing from the physio department but my back is making slow progress and provided I don't over do things I can usually get through the day without too much pain.

My opportunity for naked gardening is over as one set of neighbours returned yesterday so I have missed my chance!!!!!  Anyway it has been too cold and wet.  I spent some time yesterday ordering the overwintering vegetables and have garlic onions and shallots as well as broad beans are on order so my beds will be filled for the winter period.

Today for lunch we are having a pork and mushroom dish I found in the freezer and for supper we will be having some bacon sandwiches so again a nice easy day in the kitchen.

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