Sunday morning

Yesterday was a day in the kitchen I started by roasting the cheap turkey which I then dismantled.  One portion was for lunch which we had with new potatoes and runner beans from the garden.  The remainder of the meat is now in the fridge awaiting pie making and the carcass has made three litres of stock/broth. My first job this morning will be to pick the carcass over and get the remaining meat off for the dogs.  Then I will need to make a big load of pastry and a gallon of white sauce for the pies. 

James and I did the general knowledge crossword puzzle which took quite some time as there were a few clues that needed googling, one misspelled word can throw the whole thing out and take hours to rectify.  Anyway we succeeded in the end as both of us have inherited the terrier gene and can't let go until it is done.

The fish monger rang in the morning to say that he had had some Pollock deliver from the overnight fishermen and would I be interested.  I am always interested in very fresh fish and so 6 beautiful fillets were delivered to my door.  These made a wonderful supper quickly blasted in the oven and then served with a generous amount of parsley sauce. 

The kitchen looked like Hiroshima by the evening and took a bit of tidying up so today I would like to get a cloth over it and have a good clean down but not until I have finished making a mess....Why is it that no matter how hard you try flour gets everywhere.

James is off to help a friend with some DIY in his bathroom so he will be absent for lunch but home in time for supper.  I'm glad he is feeling restless and is anxious to be occupied again as I feel this is a good sign that he is fully recovered physically.  I must admit I will miss him when he goes home as he has been a huge help to me which has allowed my back to have some much needed rest. 

Well thats about it for today unward and upward!!!!


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