Sunday morning

Yesterday was very overcast and humid conditions but this morning it is a bit clearer with a bit of breeze.  Strange things are happening in the garden as you can see the cyclamen is in flower which should only occur in the spring and the wisteria is having a second flowering also.  When we took the dogs for a walk after lunch the tide was in and we had a go at teaching Basso to swim again but he is very reluctant and as soon as you let go of the lead he is out of the water.  He just doesnt seem to like it and while he can swim he just wants to get back on dry land again as soon as possible.  Once home we then ran the hose over him to remove the salt from his coat which he also tried to avoid. 
By way of entertainment I set to and made some Parmesan biscuits as seen on TV made by Simon Hopkinson.  If you value your figure dont make them they are completely delicious and totally irresistible.  Sadly they are really easy to make but even easier to eat.  They would make a great accompaniment to drinks or pre meal nibbles.  For supper we had a sirloin steak each which I had bought at Tesco as they were half price.  I was not expecting them to be particularly good but as luck would have it they were both tender and tasty so a very pleasant surprise. 

Today I have plans to do the laundry as it has been piling up and it looks like a good drying day.  For lunch I have a chicken from the butcher which will be enough for several meals and we may have another go at getting Basso in the water as high tide is around 1pm.  Perhaps the enticement of a frankfurter might be enough to get him in.

We spent some time yesterday clearing out the shed at the far end of the garden with a view to putting a coat of paint on it on Monday, for once it is not my job and Gary our favorite handy man has volunteered to do the job for a price.  I must admit that having painted it on several occasions I am only too happy for someone else to do it this time and I'm sure he will do a better job than I would.

On that happy note I am off to get the washing machine into action and then the iron over last weeks washing which has somehow been forgotten.
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