Sunday morning

Yesterday was a day of sun and showers but still nice and cool.  It was a day for cleaning out the chickens and collecting fruit and vegetables from the garden.  I made another batch of courgette pancakes which Mike and I had for lunch the runner beans are ready for lunch today to have with a pork shoulder casserole that I have made.  I pulled a bunch of spring onions which have done very well for the first time ever.  The one thing which has done badly is the spinach which has gone directly to seed before being more than a couple of inches high.  Most odd!!!

I had a chat with our new neighbours and have encouraged them to pick the raspberries as it is such a shame to watch them fall to the ground for lack of picking.  I still have a bag full in the freezer from last year and as we don't eat jam it seems pointless for us to spend hours picking them.
Today I hope to get to prune my apricot tree which is in need and though it only has about half a dozen fruits on it I am delighted.  The figs are becoming ripe and keep us supplied with enough to eat with the excess for the blackbirds and wasps.

Sadly my back is still playing up but it has been the least of my worries of late I have kept it under control with analgesics.  I think I may well see if I can self refer myself to a physio and see if I can get any relief from formal exercises.  I feel that core strengthening might be in order and may give me some relief.  The problem with a bad back is that you eventually give up doing any exercise and become really unfit which only makes matters worse.

In answer to your question Anne sadly James missed the final exam so we are not sure how he stands and are waiting to hear from Hendon what the score is.  I suppose it depends on their system but I would have thought that they could average his marks over the course or give him the opportunity to sit the exam by himself once he is considered fit.  I once had a student who went to pieces in an exam room so I organised for her to sit the paper sitting in my office.  She was an excellent student and produced a beautiful paper once the pressure was off and passed with flying colours.

Well on that happy note I am off to do something constructive it is getting light so I will have a tour of the estate.

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