Saturday morning

The weeks just seem to be slipping by and August is nearly gone.  The weather yesterday was miserable with rain for the best part of the day and only drying up at supper time.  With a Bank Holiday looming the weather is pretty grim but they are forecasting improvements as the weekend passes.  Today we are due for patchy rain so it will be shower dodging when we go out. 

Having spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen yesterday today I am having a day off and have taken some turkey pies from the freezer for lunch and for supper we will have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast so all nice and easy.  Which will give me plenty of time for dog walking and doing the crossword.  It is also cleaning out day for the hens. Can you believe that we are now up to 248 eggs and some £60 worth.  It is quite pleasing to see the numbers mount up and soon we will be in pure profit.

With the weather so awful yesterday we decided to take a run to the gun shop and have my air rifle sight reset.  A certain person, who shall remain nameless, had been fiddling with the sight setting and I couldn't hit a barn door with the gun.  Anyway, the nice man at the gun shop reset it and then let both James and I have a go shooting it in their rifle range to make sure it was OK.  Hopefully I can now have a go at a few of the feral pigeons that are starting to accumulate on the roof again.  They seem determined to build a nest under the solar panels which in itself is not a problem but the mess they make is.  They fill the guttering with sticks and my windows suffer badly so they are on my list of pests to get rid of.

In the vegetable garden my perpetual spinach seeds are just poking thier noses above the ground and with all this rain I have not had to water them once.  Now all I have to hope is that the pigeons don't take a fancy to them so maybe I will put the netting cloches over them just to be on the safe side.  Now that the sun is rising it looks like we may have a good start to the day as there is little cloud and what there is is very high, so a few outdoor chores first thing I think before the weather changes....

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