Saturday morning

Autumn colours on the blueberry bush

Yesterday was a brighter sunny day and a bit warmer but we decided that it was time to pay the cash and carry a visit and restock on basic cleaning ingredients.  I buy things like all purpose cleaner and washing up liquid  and bleach in 5 litre cans which last me about 7 months which is not bad.  I am very fortunate that I have the space to store them in the garage and can top up my smaller bottles that I keep in the house.  I did make one impulsive purchase and that was a whole turkey which was on offer at £10 which I have defrosted and am going to cook over the weekend with a view to making soup/stock and turkey pies rather than as a roast. 
For lunch I had made us a veal stroganoff which I served with rice and I had also made an apple and blackberry crumble with fruit from the garden.  James made supper which was a super salsa with a handful of prawns and avocado nice and light but tasty and filling. 
Today the plan is to have a nice relaxing day walking the dogs and doing the crossword puzzle.  If the turkey has defrosted sufficiently that can go in the oven and have a blast roast before going into the pot for soup.  The breast meat will be chopped up and made into pies so I will have to make a big batch of pastry and bechamel sauce in anticipation.
I am keeping a close eye on my giant puff balls which are growing by the day and by the middle of next week should have reached a reasonable size for eating.  It is always a bit of a gamble because if I let them go too far they will explode and be inedible.

Have a nice quiet weekend and lets hope the weather is kind to us all....

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