Saturday morning

All day yesterday it threatened to rain but stayed dry and finally the heavens opened over night and everything is sopping wet this morning.  I am pleased to say that I am half a stone lighter with absolutely no effort.  It is amazing how many calories you burn through extreme stress.  I must however admit that my appetite has been much reduced. Today being Saturday is my treat day and I will be getting the Saturday paper so that I can do the crossword puzzle.  Yesterday, I bought a new phone which is just a phone and camera which is all I need as I use my iPad most of the time.  My last phone was on Orange but I never was able to get a signal when in the caravan however Sandi whose phone is on O2 had no problems so I have switched network and hope that I too will now be able to phone from the camp site.  The phone cost no actual money as we bought it with Tesco vouchers so all in all it was a cheap shopping trip.  I now have a mobile number that I can remember but have spent hours transferring all the numbers across as it is a different Sim card.  If only I saved my numbers to the old Sim card but no of course not who would be that intelligent!!!!

I had bought some minced lamb going cheap and made a rather sumptuous shepherds pie with enough left over to make a second pie for the freezer.  I also bought some sirloin steak which had been reduced to half price which we will be having for supper today.  At the moment every meal is either with runner beans or tomatoes both of which are in full production.  I looked yesterday for some perpetual spinach but found none so today I will take a trip to B&Q and see if they have any seeds as I have a couple of beds free and only growing weeds.  As yet the small French beans are only in flower so we have a while to wait for those and hopefully they will fill the gap when the runners have stopped.  Similarly the cucumbers are very behind and not yet ready to pick.  I have got my timings this year a bit awry but we are managing to keep up with the gluts. 

Over the weekend the hens will have paid for their purchase price of £52 and then we will be left with clearing the cost of food which is about £24 so far then we will be into pure profit so to speak. Which reminds me they will need cleaning out today when I go to collect the eggs.

Have a good weekend all and I hope the rather changeable weather doesn't spoil your plans......


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